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Advanced Project Quality Planning: Project Management for new Product Launches

New product launches and other projects require serious advanced planning. QSolve APQP manages this planning process, providing a common path and synchronization of product development activities. QSolve manages more than just your APQP projects – use it to manage any type of project in your organization. QSolve APQP’s Web-based architecture creates easy, accurate communication of all pertinent project information.
  • A single database tracks enterprise-wide APQP projects, ensuring organizational consistency and a uniform, user-definable approach.

  • QSolve APQP automatically includes all 44 outputs from the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) as optional project tasks.

  • Quickly assign and schedule deadlines for each task.

  • Management summary report features roll-ups and highlighting of late tasks.

  • Built-in ability to upload any task and or guidelines to applicable electronic records, such as reports or spreadsheets.

  • Bi-directional data exchange with Microsoft Project 2000.

  • Includes eight checklists from the APQP manual.

  • Create user-defined checklists.
  • Online help included for each task, with reference text from the APQP manual.
QSolve APQP also includes secure document control. The user-friendly interface standardizes document creation, and allows for instant editing, ensuring current, accurate documentation for your product.
  • Required documents are controlled in a secure, paperless system.

    - Design FMEA
    - Process FMEA
    - Control plans
    - Linked documents
    - Prototype, pre-launch and production
    - Process flowcharts
    - Design Validation Plan and Report (DVP&R)
    - List of Special Product and Process Characteristics (SPPC)

  • Links between SPPC list, FMEAs and control plans.

  • Automatic revision control releases documents only after secure electronic signature approval.

  • Powerful modular approach allows many-to-many relationship between projects and documents.
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